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or are you a BRAND? 

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Ok - so you have a business and you're looking to stand out. Or you're a non-profit that is looking to hold an event to raise money. Or maybe you're just looking to find new and innovative ways to promote yourself. Well, that's what we do! Everything from helping you refresh your branding on the web to figuring out how to maneuver through this new virtual world. 

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What We Do

If you're not doing this you NEED to be!

  • Writing commercials for radio

  • Professional voice talent for radio, podcasts, event emceeing, corporate hold messaging, etc. 

  • Podcast recording, production, hosting and promotion (a great way to find new leads!) 

  • Event on-site Social Media Manager: we will handle your social media presence for an event.

-And more!


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Ensure the innovation of a product or business. 

  • Logo design

  • Website upgrade & design

  • Graphic design of flyers, brochures, event graphics and social media assets 

  • Professional, corporate, event or real estate photography

  • Development of promotional and marketing assets 

Looking for an in-person or virtual event idea that helps either reinforce your brand or helps you raise money?

  • Moderating online corporate meetings 

  • Create timeline of execution and communicate with event vendors

  • Help maintain a budget that ensures a profit

  • On-site management

  • Event hosting and emceeing

  • Store openings, re-openings, giveaways, sales, etc! 

Did I Miss

Seriously! What else do you need? 

When we say we're your "one-stop-shop" we mean it. Apart from picking up your dry-cleaning we want to know what we can do to help your business. If we can build it into one, easy-to-manage package we will do it. And maybe, just maybe, we'd pick up your dry-cleaning too, if it was an emergency. 

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